Music Lab Central


The Music Lab is currently underway and not accepting applications.

Welcome Music Labbers. This is your one-stop spot for the most important information about your Lab experience. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Production Specialist at any time.

The Backline

Space LA features a full backline for music creators to check out. Learn more about our backline here.


We’re offering Music Lab channels one free day with a 3-person crew. Crews can be booked through November 2nd and can be available 9am – 9pm. Be sure to feed them well!

Use the “Space Request” form found here to book your crew, along with studio time.

We highly recommend booking your crew, space, and equipment as soon as possible.


If you need to cancel anything, send an e-mail to with at least 48 hours notice. You’ll forfeit your crew if you cancel within 48 hours or don’t show up to your shoot date.

Important Dates

Every Friday: Happy Hours; and throughout the Music Lab, we’ll have a panel of music experts at every Happy Hour in the Screening Room

October 16th: Audience Development 101 Workshop, 7pm in the Screening Room; RSVP here

October 22nd: Audience Development 201 Workshop, 7pm in the Screening Room; RSVP here

October 26th: Last day to submit a request for crew

November 2nd: Last day to use crewpon

November 22nd: Last day to submit videos for clearance

November 25th: Last day to publish your four videos, giving you one year of alumni access

* Also keep your eyes out for other musicians shooting collaborations here with INDMusic, Youtube’s largest music network for independent artists.


Don’t forget, every video produced, even in part, at Space LA must go through our clearance review process. It can take up to 48 hours to receive confirmation on your clearance, so plan your publishing schedule accordingly.

Clear your finished, but unlisted, videos here.

The Gibson Bus

Gibson Guitars is rolling their bus into the Space LA parking lot for music channels. The studio on wheels will be stocked with 3 Gibson guitar amps, 3 acoustic guitars, 4 electric guitars, 1 bass, and 1 baby grand piano. The bus is available for you to book from October 28 – November 2 in 4-hour slots.

Where do I sign up?

To book a slot, make an appointment on this Gibson Bus Google calendar. This is a different method than booking our stages. Just click on a time block you want and then click Save. To cancel a booking, go to your personal gmail calendar and delete the appointment.


Book any other equipment as you would normally at our Scheduling page. Assume you’ll be working with available light or request one of our battery-powered ring lights from the Backlot (there may not be enough power on the bus to plug in lights).

What does the bus look like?

Check out this video by the Fu shot on the Gibson Bus and these photos:

What’s the catch?

We ask that you thank Gibson and link to the Gibson YouTube channel in your description.